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Misha Cherkes - CV


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Mykhailo Cherkes

Kyiv, Ukraine

1980 year of birth



  • Basic computer science higher education in the National Aviation University, Kyiv

  • Computer systems engineer qualification in the National Aviation University, Kyiv

Work experience

  • Sep 2003 – Nov 2005: junior → middle software developer in the “RG-Data Ukraine” (application software developing in Delphi, databases)

  • Since Nov 2005 till today: middle → senior software developer in the “CCT InfoPlus” (application software developing in Delphi and Oracle)

Main skills and knowns

  • Professional programming in Delphi, FPC/Lazarus, Ansi C

  • Great experience of interaction with Oracle Database, MySQL, Interbase/Firebird

  • Physical interfaces programming

  • Real experience of developing with PHP (of course HTML/CSS), Assembler

  • Basic knowns of C#, JavaScript, MS SQL Server

  • Team development: version control systems (SVN, StarTeam), bugtrackers

  • A clear understanding of the OS design, principles of OOP, operation of the network protocols, computer hardware, and another electronic devices

Other skills and interests

  • Low level programming (PC and microcontrollers)

  • Linux servers administration (remote setup of the servers and services, bash-scripts etc.), web-projects support

  • I have developed and implemented on the pet-projects my own DDoS (HTTP flood) protection system, based on the Nginx source code

  • Analog and digital electronics (schematic diagram developing, adjusting, PCB tracing), radio communication

  • I would like to more deeply study microcontrollers programming

About me

  • Always make out my code without any hints and warnings

  • I like to start a job only after complete understanding of the subject

  • Pre-intermediate English (documentation reading, correspondence, unhurried talking)

  • Native Ukrainian and Russian

  • Individual Entrepreneur (uniform tax, third grop)



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