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Double antenna 144+430 MHz


  Double antenna


Warning! This antenna have impedance 75 Ohm!

Bottles from shaving foam and different deodorants with summary length of 140 sm.

D = 52-53 mm, L = 14-22 sm.

Note small hole in this geg.

As supporting structure there is good a standart plastic sewer with D = 50 mm and L = 1 m.

Relative position of elements. View "from bottom":

View "from top":

Here needed sealing, which may be maked from insulating tape.

Between cable wires very useful will resistor on 10-100 k and power 2 W.

Assembled antenna:

Stop holes by silicon.

Protect metal by paint.

"High voltage" signs.

Installed antenna.

Results of modeling in the MMANA-GAL software.

There no any tuning is needed for this antenna, it works fine just in time.



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