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Misha Cherkes - Check Flash


  Check Flash 1.16


Tool for flash-drive checking.

Version 1.16 from 21.12.2010.  (380 KB)

Except surface testing, allows check speed of reading and writting, edit partition info, save and restore full drive and partition images, save and restore MBR. Also can perform full drive or prtition cleaning. Process speed is highest what given device can provide, no more fast full test can be found in the world.

This program can be very dangerous with the dull person, be careful. After performing full erasing or write/read test with pardidion or device all data will lost forever! Author does not responsible for usage of this software.

AndyCan you describe the different write and read test; eg small pattern test, full pattern test, write pattern test etc and also the read stability test? Thanks in advance!
hithanks for saying what is curvehands
hihi keep up the good work :)
QazyHi, if I use this program to check HDD and get error at certain address (e.g. BB7AD000h), how do I convert it to sector number?
Serge"curve" hands is "Russian-English", means "dull person" ("intellectually weak or obtuse person")
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